• Emergency

    Highway 43 is closed due to recent earthquake.

  • Weather Alert

    The hurricanes are coming! The hurricanes are coming!

  • Reminder

    The parking garage is free to all employees. Please don't leave your car outside.

DEAN Alert is the leader in communication alert systems. From small clubs to large corporations, DEAN Alert has a communication solution that will deliver immediate and accurate messages to any size audience, any time.

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Easy to use

DEAN makes it easy to communicate with your entire audience in real-time.

Best choice

DEAN Alert is the most effective, low-cost solution for all your mass messaging needs.


Create and manage groups within your organization’s DEAN Network to deliver messages to segmented audiences.


All e-mail addresses and phone numbers are securely stored on our servers. All contact data is user validated and opt-in compliant.

In The Cloud

DEAN lives in the cloud, and can easily scale to fit any outbound messaging need.


Phone and e-mail support, 24-hours a day.

Latest Works

The DEAN team is always working hard to ensure our system is the most effective, easy-to-use, one-to-many messaging system available. We recently completed system updates that enable bulk uploading of user lists, automatic credit card billing and an array of other user experience enhancements. Stay tuned for more upcoming improvements.

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